Thursday, March 5, 2009

God is like Rollerskates

When we went to church on Christmas Eve our Priest told the little children gathered around his feet that God is like a fluffy marshmallow. I can not recall the great theological point that he was trying to make with that simile but today as I was taking a walk on my lunch break I found myself thinking about what else God is like.

It took quite an effort to get myself into my coat and out the door this afternoon. I almost wanted it to be raining so I could say, “see self it is raining and everyone knows you don’t go out walking in the rain, sheesh!” It wasn’t, the sky was blue the clouds were puffy and the sun was doing its best to send some warmth down our way. So out of excuses I plugged my ear buds into my ipod and marched out the door. I spent the first few blocks focused on not feeling good. My legs were tired and my darling Aunt Flow had settled into my lower back and was doing her evil magic on me so I grumped along. As I crossed the street on to the fourth block the sun hit me. It was warm, bright and comforting and I thought, “thank God for the sun!” Thus began my rumination. Sometimes a breath taking sunset, other times a tiny drop of dew; today God was like roller skates.

The thing about roller skates is that while you do have make an effort once you get rolling they take away some of the work. You push off but they will take your farther faster than you could go if you were walking or running unassisted. Standing on roller skates you are several inches taller than normal. I really appreciate this because I am not the tallest crayon in the box, it is nice to be able to take in a greater perspective than you have standing on the ground. Having a broader view helped change my attitude while I was walking. Roller skating is fun but takes focus so as I focused on this sensation I was feeling I ignored the other feelings that had been weighing me down. At the end of the day this may not be my greatest simile, but today, just for a few moments, it occurred to me that God can be like roller skates.

Now without being too blasphemous I dare you to picture God at a roller disco shooting the duck! :o)

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